Safety Policy

Safety as a Policy

Being in a business that is founded on the belief of environmental safety, we are an organisation that is safety focused. We implement safe working practices in our factory floor and ensure that our employees and staff are well trained in safety procedures. Our production process is entirely automatised and requires little human intervention. We closely follow fire and other hazard rules and ensure that our safety procedures and equipment are always in top working condition.

We at S&J Granulate Solutions are involved in Manufacturing of Crumb Rubber Granulates and SBR reclaim sheets. We endeavor to pursue excellence in all spheres of our business activity. To achieve this we will Strive to conserve our fragile environment and improve our occupational health and safety requirements by:

  • Conserving natural resources.
  • Complying with relevant legal and other requirements.
  • Minimizing adverse impact by reducing the waste.
  • Providing healthy and safe work environment.
  • Imbibe a culture of continual improvement.