Processing finished goods, producing raw materials

We call it "Reverse Manufacturing". In a world that is focussed on producing finished goods that deplete the natural resources available we are doing the reverse. We procure Finished Goods [Used / Waste Radial tyres] and process them to extract Rubber Granules, thus creating raw material. It is an activity that is environment friendly and ecologically sensitive. Recycled Rubber Granules produced by our plant are used in various applications such as reclaim sheets, sports field and astroturf, asphalt rubber road, etc. It is an excellent substitute for natural or synthetic rubber and possesses all the qualities expected from rubber used in manufacturing of various rubber products.

State of the art European Machinery

S&J Granules Solutions has invested in setting up a sophisticated, state of the art manufacturing plant that is imported from Denmark, to recycle rubber from waste tyres. The plant is fully automatic and uses a mechanical process to separate rubber, steel and textiles thus delivering recycled rubber that is 99.7% pure. The manufacturing process is completely pollution free and produces no waste.

The plant is located in Lavachha, Vapi-Silvassa Road, in the state of Gujarat and has the installed capacity to process 35000 tonnes of tyre scrap per annum.

Serving the ecology, helping the economy

With usage of automobiles increasing in unprecedented numbers worldwide, landfills of all nations are full of discarded rubber tyres. These pose a potential health hazard and can be harmful to the environment. Tires exposed to the elements can hold water and be a breeding space for mosquitoes that carry disease. Tyre piles can be set on fire through arson or accident. These fires are difficult to put out, and produce heavy smoke and toxic run off to waterways. S&J Granules Solutions performs an environmentally sound task by recycling these tyres. This makes both environmental as well as economic sense.

Promoted by entrepreneurs, managed by professionals

S&J Granules Solutions Pvt. Ltd is promoted by technocrats and businessmen with interests in the industries of steel, electronics and fast moving consumer goods. The company is professionally managed and it has an excellent team in place to run the day to day operations. The manufacturing and quality control operations are run and managed by engineers with decades of experience in the recycled rubber industry. The company is tied up with Ferrostaal of Germany, which is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate providing industrial solutions all over the world.